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If someone EVER tries to say I’m your friend just because you do something they have NO fucking clue how wrong they are

I get emotionally attached easily
Its a bit of a problem of mine
It’s been taken advantage of multiple times
It’s going to be taken advantage of multiple times more as much as I hate being manipulated

Chances are if I talk to you and we’ve talked longer than a short conversation I’ve thought about you a lot when I’m not around, worried about your troubles or tried to think of some way I could help you

I know it’s annoying as hell but the second something happens to me its my fault, I fucked up even if I’m objectively faultless in the situation and I will worry again and again about it.

I know I’m hard on people but if I say anything blunt it means I care enough, I just can’t do it - I can’t lie and I can’t stay idle if something a friend’s doing is worrying me. I’ve potentially ruined entire friendships before because I cared too much for their well being not to say something and I’ve had emotional parasites drag me on for months after it was healthy for me because I actually gave a damn even if they were outright emotionally killing me in the process but I cared too much to walk away.

People I’ve put trust in to extremities have tossed me aside for the most petty of things and I still tried to maintain friendships with them because in the end no matter what their happiness meant so many times more to me than my own feelings. It’s self destructive and fucking asshole bait but it’s hardwired into my behavior no matter how many times it leaves me left in the dust in the end.

If I say I care about you I damn well mean it
If I don’t say I care about you chances are I care anyways
If I say I don’t care anymore I’m lying to myself

If someone says I don’t care about you they’re fucking wrong.

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    I am sorry but… This is me. This is what I’m going through, and even though I do not know personally the person who...
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    Wow, this pretty much sums up a similar thing I’m going through right now. It hasn’t fucked up any friendships yet, but...
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  5. dubzywubzyubzy said: aww, i wouldn’t say that’s something emotionally crippling, it’s a good trait! You’re empathetic, and it’s terrible you’ve been taken advantage of because of it
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    Wow, this pretty much sums up a similar thing I’m going through right now. It hasn’t fucked up any friendships yet, but...
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